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2024 Camping Rates

Rates are subject to change without notice. For most current rates, call (989) 681-2581

All Water and Electric Sites 

30 AMP SITES:                                 

$30.00 per night                                 

$170.00 per week                                 

$650.00 per month                            

Holiday Weekend Camping Special

Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekends

Three nights of camping

$75.00 for the weekend

Camp Meeting Special Aug. 1-9

$150 for up to 30 ft camper

$200 for over 31 ft camper

Dorm Rooms                             

Bring your own linens

Single Room (sleeps 2) or Family Room (up to 4 people)

$10.00 per night, per person

Children under 10 free



Sleeps 4 to 5

$65.00 per night                                   

Full kitchen

Two bedrooms

Private bathroom

Air conditioning and heat

Rustic Cabins

Bring your own linens

$45.00 per night

Sleeps up to 6

Air conditioner, microwave, and mini fridge included                        


$35.00 per night
$200.00 per week
$700.00 per month

2023 Building Rental Rates

We have four pavilions for use on our campground: The children's area, the south end, the north end, and in the Prayer Garden.
$25.00 per day
Clubhouse Building
Large one-room building with restrooms, full kitchen, air conditioning, heat, and a working fireplace. Great for reunions, parties, or other large gatherings. Chairs and tables available for use.
$75.00 per day or $150 for 3 days
Rustic Tabernacle
Restored tabernacle built in the late 1800s. Perfect for barn-style weddings or other large gatherings. Benches available for use.
Main Tabernacle
The largest building on the campground. Holds 250+ people. Chairs available for use. Has a stage, great for shows, services, weddings, and many other purposes.
$500.00 per day
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